Our Alumni took the time to answer some key questions about having been in the Johannesburg Youth Orchestra NPC. Listen to their feedback in the videos below.

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Key quotes from our alumni

Would you recommend the JYOC to anybody?

" My experience of the JYOC was of the teacher training.

I would recommend to the youth out there that are trying to look for jobs and are in the music space, they offer a really cool teacher training programme that will really catapult you into a career that is actually vastly valuable for South African youths to take part in. "
What was your greatest highlight of being in the JYOC?

" My greatest highlight was when we did A Night With The Stars with Yvonne Chaka Chaka and Timothy Moloi 3 years ago. It was a lovely performance, a great stage... the orchestrations and arrangements were amazing. It was my first big performance with the JYOC and I will always remember it for the pure magic that it put in my heart for music. "
Why would you come to a JYOC performance?

" Because they play the best music... It heals you. "
Why would you come to a JYOC performance?

"...because music is magical; music is beautiful. So being in a live space you are able to feel it in every way - with its nuances - rather than listening to a recording or watching a video."