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The Johannesburg Youth Orchestra NPC (JYOC) gives hundreds of talented young South Africans from Johannesburg and the greater Gauteng area the opportunity to learn, create and become immersed in the life-changing joys of music making. Finding the discipline to practice, the patience to learn, and the confidence to participate in an ensemble, are all excellent life lessons. Music is a transformative teacher.

As established leaders in instrumental and orchestral training, we nurture our students' musicality. We tutor our novices on introductory instruments - such as the recorder - and progress them to their ensemble instrument of choice. As soon as they’re proficient enough, we offer them an ensemble opportunity so that they can be a part of that immersive musical experience and grow together with other young musicians. We are all about the ensemble.

We also train young musicians to become music teachers so that we can exponentially grow the success of our musical and social objectives: to be part of an exceptional national transformation - through music.

That is why the JYOC is worthy of your support. Because our work is important. Because our success is exciting.  Because we must continue. Ours is a good news story.

Johannesburg Youth Orchestra students getting ready for an orchestra performance
“It was my first big performance with the JYOC and I will always remember it for the pure magic that it put in my heart for music.”

- Quoted from a JYOC alumni.
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Eyethu Music Project

The Eyethu Music Project is a financially subsidised programme to make music tuition accessible to all (ages 6 - 18).

It was established in 1995 as part of the Johannesburg Youth Orchestra NPC to address the needs of music education in Soweto and surrounding areas. Many of our original learners have become student teachers and advanced performers in orchestras across South Africa and abroad.

Learners from beginner group tuition who reach the required standard are identified and continue their music education at Eyethu. After an initial period of up to a year in the advanced recorder group, learners begin individual tuition on an orchestral instrument. Exceptional learners may be entered into Royal Schools or Trinity College practical examinations. Students receive individual tuition on all orchestral instruments.

The Eyethu Music Project currently operates from the University of Johannesburg, Bunting Road Campus, Auckland Park and will soon reopen centres in Soweto and surrounding areas in Johannesburg. This project provides music instruction to less fortunate children weekly and on Saturdays during state school terms.

For more information read through our Frequently Asked Questions and Contact Us.

“Why would I come to a JYOC performance? Just to listen to the music and see how it works...”

- Quoted from a JYOC alumni.
Hear from our other alumni

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